Dianah Brock Fictional Writer

Look for Dianah Brock's Laughter In the Dark in the April issue of The Eerie Digest

Read Dead By Dawn in the June issue of The Eerie Digest on-line magazine.  Also, read my interview with the creator of the Eerie Digest, Joseph O'Donnell.

COMING SOON!!!!  The Well in the July issue of The Eerie DIgest.

August issue will contain Lust Of The Soul. 

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The stories and poetry posted on this site are for the enjoyment of the reader.  Please keep in mind that all work posted here is copyright protected and any attempt to reproduce or of theft will result in immediate prosecution to the fullest extend of the law. 

In March 2011, Dianah Brock was featured in the on-line magazine The Eerie Digest for her short story Amelia.  This was the first short story published by this Author.  If you would like to read Amelia written by Dianah Brock, go to www.eeriedigest.com and select featured guest author Ava Sprayberry. Thanks for all of your support.

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