Dianah Brock Fictional Writer

About Dianah

Dianah Brock, (formerly known as Author Ava Sprayberry Shook) was born and raised in the small historical town of Kingston Georgia.  She is a mother of three children, and engaged to be married to Jonathan Brock in the late summer. 

 Dianah began writing fictional stories as a small child.  As she developed in age, so did her creative abilities. 

At the age of 10, she discovered the masterful work of fiction writer Stephen King.  Thus sparked her love for horror suspense stories. 

By the time she reached high school, Dianah was writing ten page short stories in creative writing class (instead of the five paragraph essays assigned)  With the guidence of her literature teacher, Dianah continued to persue her passion of the written word.

In 2009, DIanah published her first book, The Story of Michelle Brown Vandivere with Publish America, under the name Ava Sprayberry Shook.

Dianah attended a book signing for fellow Publish America Author D.J. Syvertsen (Troubled Waters) in early 2010.

With a second novel scheduled to be released later this year, and 26 other fictional stories in the works, Dianah certainly has the drive, ambition, and desire to be a literary icon, with books on every shelf in America, homes and bookstores alike.

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